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We need change. But the scale of the social and environmental problems we face are overwhelming. How can one person make a difference?

Businesses can have a far greater impact. But many of them are creating and perpetuating these problems. Corporations that chase profits while damaging the planet and undermining societies and their workers.

And many of us are stuck working at these companies.

But we want more. We want to be part of the solution. To do something we believe in. We want to work in companies balancing profit and purpose.

The good news is these companies exist - and they need you.

Unfortunately, their jobs can be hard to find.

First, you need to know which companies are tackling social and environmental problems. Then you need to remember to keep checking each company to see if they have a new job for you.

And job boards and LinkedIn aren’t much help. If they do have the jobs you’re looking for they’re buried under a pile of irrelevant ads.

It feels like a lot of work because it is.

I’m building DrumRole to make it easy. To give you one place to explore jobs at companies creating a sustainable future. I’ll do the research and select the companies so you don’t have to. You’ll find all their open jobs. And your search will show you the jobs you want - not the ones someone paid for you to see.

And I’m doing it because I want these companies to succeed and for you to find a rewarding job you’re proud of.

- Rob

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